Crime Cities

Action 2000 Windows Techland Gangster Science Fiction 3D action adventure Shooter Simulation Sci fi

Great action, great depth of vareity

For those who have liked GTA games will definitely find his game catchy as it is in my opinion up there with the best. Starting with the theme of the game, the theme is pretty much what you see in the cities which are full of crime. Your character in the game will be piloting an aircraft through the vast spread cities full of tall buildings and gangsters running different organizations. The gameplay is as diverse as one would love and has 3D graphics where you can move about any direction and can explore every other place. You will be given different missions and you have the discretion of accepting or rejecting. The ammo in the game is not that diverse but the ones that you are given are quite good and can be easily used because the controls in the game are milk. Every missions has a diverse range of elements and includes eliminating targets, rescuing people, retrieving objects and gathering information. The enemies are tough as the game has a great A1. On completion of a mission, you will be offered more exciting and improved missions. This game is full on fun and entertainment and has a set-up which is similar to Fifth Element.

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