Crystal Caves

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Puzzle based Arcade

Look for Crystals!

Crystal Caves is not your regular mindless sidescroller platformer, where you can get away from any situation by shooting or jumping. Nope, this one, when it gives you a weapon it also gives you very limited ammo, so that you have to think well before using it. There are levels where a weapon is only good for one single use, and if you don't shoot what needs shooting you can lose the game, and you might need to start again. Yap, every level needs to be tackled as a puzzle challenge. In fact, every little nook of the sprawling caverns you'll be walking about requires you to solve some little puzzle or develop some kind of strategy in order to go past. In terms of graphics, it is a cartoony game, pretty good loking, Dossy like, and quite clean. In the series I'd say it's just as playable and as okay looking as the others that will follow as this series hadn't really evolved that much over the years. But, definitely, if you have love for 2d exploration and for little sidescroller puzzles, this one's the one to turn to.

Classic DOS game

Crystal Caves 1 is a platform video game developed and published by Apogee Software, more or less while developing Duke Nukem for the DOS platform. Crystal Caves is a sidescrolling platform game. This is indeed a great platform game and at some point challenging as well. The game consists of 16 levels, each with the same objective: collecting all the crystals. There is no linear path to take, so you can complete the levels in any order you wish. After selecting you level, you have to collect all the crystals found in the respective level. The controls are simple: move, jump and attack. There are various monsters that stand in your way, however you must be conservative with your ammo, because it's not unlimited. Getting to some crystals also require activating switches, which will either open doors or activate moving platforms. Overall, Crystal Caves 1 is a fun game for the DOS and any platformer fan will enjoy it.

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