Duke Nukem 2

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer

Simple and fun to play platform action

It's an action 2D platform game which came in at the time when the era of shareware games was fading. It combines a variety of action and adventure in a fun manner and gives hours and hours of endless excitement. The original version had its own flaws but they have done a lot of upgrades to make it more thrilling and improved. The first prominent upgrade that has been made to the game is its great graphics which are quite homogenous in quality through all the stages of the games. The puzzles that are present in the game are very competitive and you also get to counter various surprise elements while playing it. The gameplay has also been far more improved as they have introduced many new weapons which are more of a jetpack thing. The controls like the previous version are very smooth and exhilarating and make the game quite easy and fun to deal with. You will have collect distinct colored keys which will help you out in reaching the exit at every level. The keys will open up different levels. The music in the game is no so good but it has a lot to invite gamer to its platform. If you haven't gone for the original Duke Nukem, you should also try it out.

Duke Origins

Duke is not quite the Duke we know. At this point, he's still the jumble of action hero cliches and not the womanizing, profane, explosive "hero" from Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Manhattan Project. Duke Nukem 2 came out in the fading era of Shareware games where they would release one episode made up of a few levels, and if you liked it, could send away for the full game. It's most similar to the original Duke Nukem, with a very pleasing graphical upgrade. It has a few improvements that anyone would expect from a sequel, like multiple weapons, and (sort of) introduces the jetpack. Like the first Duke game, it's a side scrolling platformer and shooter. There's puzzles that involve collecting different colored key cards to unlock another part of the level until you eventually reach an exit. It's very much what one would expect for first person shooters for the next few years. If you're a Duke fan, it's good to catch up on his history. Or, if you're just a platformer fan, you can always bet on Duke!

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