Duke Nukem: Waiting For Forever

Action 2004 Windows Platformer Arcade style

A pretty bad fan produced 2D platformer starring Duke

To be fair, Duke Nukem: Waiting For Forever is not a bad game for a Game Maker Studio type project with no budget, designed without any commercial pretentions. However, I can't really make abstraction of the fact that the original Duke Nukem 2D platformer was an absolutely delightful game, so, really, even as a fan project, I believe that the quality standard should have been a little higher. Keeping in mind that this is just a side project that is not treated with a lot of seriousness, hmm, I guess it's ok, but again I can't see how anyone other than the developers would think this something to look forward to. So, what is wrong with it you might ask? Well, the graphics are really shoddy, the environments look bland and the colors used are too intense, too saturated. Duke himself is animated really poorly and the platforming elements are not engaging enough. So, design wise it is clear that there wasn't much thinking put into the game, while the graphics are pretty awful. At any rate, maybe this was produced as a sort of joke, but unfortunately the joke's on the gamer willing to boot this game up. I highly recommend staying away from it; it's not worth it, not even if you want to see how bad it can actually be. Just ignore it.

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