Duke Nukem 3

Action 1991 Dos Apogee Platformer Aliens invasion

Another great platformer starring Duke

The first Duke platformer game sported a smaller protagonist and more sprawling scenarios with lots more platforms. This was so, because the game, while using visual themes trying to portray a city, or different industrial halls, didn't want to produce a realistic outcome, it embraced in full its game nature. In this game however, Duke is a much larger 2D character, and the camera is much close to his side, making the character and the areas feel more detailed but also more contained, rather less sprawling. But don't think this is bad for the series, quite on the contrary, the game still plays very well, it is still spiked full with lots of different items and add-ons and the enemies are fiercer than ever. Not extremely hard, but definitely challenging, in a fashion that feels more DOS era modern. So, if you liked the other games in the series, know that this one is the most different: more compact, contained and simpler. But ultimately, the recipe leads to a great overall result that is more than palatable and enjoyable.

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