Secret Maryo Chronicles

Action 2006 Windows FluXy Platformer Arcade style

Like Super Mario 3; very playable

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a fan made game, that looks and feels like a Super Mario clone, specifically, the Super Mario 3 game. Having been released in 2006 it sure looks better (no jaggedness, no badly looking environments) than the original, but it doesn't try to advance the series. If you remember the original SMB3 you will know that in between levels you were traveling on a map. Well, here too you can travel on a map, but, unfortunately, the good looking map of the original, with its details and elements that just looked cool, without affecting the game, are nowhere to be found. Instead, it's rather barren and uninspired, which can be alright for a while, but not for the long haul. At any rate, this game surely offers you a good dose of arcade action, and the Goombas and the other creatures of SM are there, to greet and eat you (!) but, again, unfortunately, there is little to prompt this game as a new age one, you know, to justify itself. It doesn't remix the original, it doesn't have a lot of new ideas, and it has nothing of its own, except, of course, the rather ok-ish, though most of the time bland levels. But, I'd be lying if I said it weren't fun, it is! Just not as good as it could have been, though.

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