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Classic prison break game

Framed is a very good arcade game that was released back 1995. Framed was a successful game developed by Machination. It is basically an action/adventure game. This is a side scrolling game with the combination of arcade and puzzle game. The graphics of this game is good. Also the sound quality is not bad compare to other games from 90s. In this game you will play as a prisoner who is framed. Now you have to break the prison and rescue yourself. To do that you will need to defeat several obstacles and puzzles. There are several game play options in this game. You may need to use your strength as a prisoner in this game. Also you have to solve several puzzles and you will get out of the prison by solving them. You will love those creative puzzles. It is not a tough game but still you will need to use your wit to solve the puzzles. Although you may think this game similar to pacman type game, this game is more entertaining than that. Overall Framed is a good game and I can give it 3 out of 5.

Enjoy the game

Framed is a game made by Machination in 1995 and I like so much this game, that's you need to download. This game tells the history of some guy (I don't remember the name) that are investigating something and get trapped on this prison. Use your head to combine objects and use them to your own! Hope you enjoy the game!

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