Mario Upgrade

Action 1999 Windows Mastersoft Platformer Arcade style

A sidescroller puzzler with Mario

This game here, which is not produced by Nintendo, but comes from a Portuguese company is all about finding your way around the levels, and jumping. There are very few enemies, and you'll encounter them much later in the game, but instead you'll occupy your time with the spikes and the platforms that you have jump around. It's like a puzzle arcade sidescroller game, because you have to get from one point to the other without falling of the required blocks that you can stand on, but this is not as easy as it may sound, given that there can be very few tiles at times. So, you have to be precise with your jumps, and, most of all, you have to also think things through before you go for your move. It's very appealing and very energizing, and as such, Mario Upgrade is a cool way to rethink your opinion of what a Mario game should be all about. Yes, it sure could have been better, graphically, but the paper graph look of most of the levels works very nicely for it. Still, download Super Mario Brothers 3 as well, if in the middle of solving one screen, you feel the urge to play an NES era fully featured Mario title!

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