Fire King

Adventure 1989 Dos Micro Forte Role playing

A fine hybrid game

It is great action, adventure and RPG that has been implemented with a lot of fine details and fun. The plot in the game is that you will be exploring a wide world of mystery and fantasy which is filled with enemies. The game involves both shooting action and a mix of puzzles along with making the right decisions at the right time. You have 6 characters in the game in which you can choose from. The characters have their own strengths in the form of magic, armory and strength. Magic will allow you to use some very powerful spells to destroy the enemies. If you have a character with great strength, you will be able to fight and kill a good chunk of enemies. If you have a good deal of armory, you can bring destruction and chaos. The adventure thing in the game is that the interface is interactive and you will have to explore a lot of domains for getting different items such as spells, armory and power fuels. The shooting action in the game is also very good and is supported by some very good graphics. The controls are wonderful and the UI is fine. Outlands is another good theme to give you a great time on board.

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