Wrath of the Gods

Adventure 1994 Windows Luminaria Myth and legend Humorous

Good idea, bad game

If you're a fan of Greek mythology you will probably be interested in the game, as was I. You play an orphan child raised by the wolves who discovers that he is in fact the son of Zeus himself. To gain his access to the mighty Olymp, he will have to perform many challenging and dangerous tasks. The game is probably best suited for younger children, since the puzzles may be a bit too easy for the adult player. It is also very educational since the kids will learn a lot about Greek mythology through a game. Also, since children rarely don't know better, they won't notice the bad and very unconvincing acting of the real live actors that are in the game. The point and click style of the game is easy and the game goes pretty smoothly. The graphics are a combination of computer design and live actors (which I already said are bad), and I think that the developers should have gone with one or the other and not mix it together. I really thing the game could have been better because of the great idea, but as interesting as it seemed at first, it didn't keep me going very long. Still, it's worth a shot. If you're still interested in mythological adventure games, try Hercules, made by the Disney's movie with the same name.

If you like Greek Myths...

Loved this game in 1994!! Played it several times. Had a glitch when you came to the cyclop!! Loved this game and would play it and buy it for my grandchildren if I know it was compatible with my P.C. Very entertaining and the kids will actually learn something!! I's full of fun puzzles and the character is sometimes funny. If you like Greek Myth you will love this game. My opinion is 2 thumbs up.

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