Eagle Eye Mysteries in London

Puzzle 1994 Dos Electronic Arts Education

Classic puzzles, good educational value

It is a puzzle based game where you have two young characters who will play as detectives to solve various cases and earn a name for themselves. The puzzle based game also involves adventure and action. The best thing in the game is that all the puzzles lead to an educational theme where you get to counter historical aspects, science, fiction, research and critical thinking skills. You will go from place to place in search of clues and will collect items and interrogate suspects. You will also interact with people to gather information. Every case you will solve will give way to another case and your name will be published in the times article for London. Coming towards the gameplay, it is pretty diverse and full of variety. The graphics in the game are really attractive and the level designs have been created with a lot of innovation. All the details have been incorporated quite well and have synced with the gameplay perfectly. The A1 in the game is really good which makes all the mystery elements and the puzzles really competitive. The game is a sequel to the original Eagle Eye Mysteries which was also a great game.

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