Scooter's Magic Castle

Puzzle 1993 Dos Electronic Arts Education

Typing, reading and easy problem solving adventure

Scooter's Magic Castle is a sweet little game, edutainment at heart, but delivered as an adventure. Little Scooter, the protagonist of this game, has to roam about in this game, and in doing so, he has to find a valid way past all sort of mini-challenges. Some of them are intrinsic to the game works, such as finding your way around, while others are more deliberate, like solving puzzles, typing and reading comprehension ones. So, with that in mind, Scooter's Magic Castle is quite a well produced, well done game, fine to roam about even for someone who's not in its target (pre-schoolers). I wouldn't hazard myself into saying that it can be as nice as some of those iPad touch screen games, but nonetheless, if I had access to it growing up in the late 80s, I would have been a happy kid. So, yeah, an EA game that is actually nice and colorful and also playable, delivering a good ration of edutainment value to mindless fun. Always a good alternative, download a Super Solvers game, the entire series is, edutainment wise, unbeatable.

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