Metal Knight

Strategy 1998 Windows Object Software Real time

Appreciated for its well-developed nature

Metal Knight is a 1998 Command & Conquer-style real-time strategy game, where you can create your personal robots to do the ruling work for you. The RTS gameplay demands the player to be ready enough to defeat the enemies. As soon as you gain many resources useful for buying or building more units, then you can consider yourself completely prepared for massive battles. The fact that you can customize your robots whatever you want to, was very appreciated at that time, being a new feature introduced by this real-time strategy game. Well I can say this is the most attractive aspect characteristic to MK. Why I say this? Because I've realized in a stupor that Metal Knight is a low quality genetic copy of another RTS game, an influent masterpiece that deserves to be mentioned even today. You won't get to play much, as a few beggar units will start to attack your base. This intervention won't bother you, if you succeeded to build some robots able to stop them. The tutorial will teach you very well the basics of this game, where you will be updated with the useful information regarding the features you can use for the best progress and for a tactful approach. Even if it doesn't compare with other high quality RTS games of that time, Metal Knight will be appreciated for its well-developed nature.

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