Creature Shock

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Horror First Person

Nice graphics but that's the only thing nice about it

Creature shock is a game that is great on the graphics department.. And that's about it. Unfortunately, the rest of the game is a crying shame. Where to begin? Firstly, the game is way too easy. WAY to easy. It's enough for you to do some random clicking, without you even knowing what you are doing, for you to be good at the game. Second, it has almost no imagination, and it's insanely linear. Thirdly, it feel like the game is playing itself right in front of you and you only do a thing or two to make you feel that you are the one playing the game. The list can go on and on an on. Well, as I said, the game looks great. I looks fantastic, actually. The images are very smooth and the detail is extremely high, but that is just not enough for anybody to want to play the game. Bugger all the beauty if the game is for crap. If you want a real space game, go and play Wetlands or something similar to that. Avoid this game if you possibly can.

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