Machine Hunter

Action 1997 Windows Eidos Military Science Fiction

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A solid top down shooter, set in yet another dystopian future!

The future is upon us in this game as well, and, as dystopias have shown us, rarely does the future bring anything good! So it's the year 2034, and a Mars colony has been overrun by aliens; as you'd expect it, the game asks the player to go into full action mode, and try to solve the issues that these baddies have left behind. Thus, you're going to have to do a lot of reaping of alien lifeforms, some that will require more knocking about, others that will require less! Machine Hunter is also the kind of game that can be quite relentless at times, a bit on the darker side (it wanted to be a bit of a scaremonger, a bit of a horror game) with lots of corridor bits and a sufficient quantity of puzzle bits to keep the experience entertaining. So, yeah, play it, see how you like it and if you do try a game such as Total Mayhem as well, also quite capable a corridor shooter, though a much more light infused one, for those that hate dark and sinewy alien infested spaces! Plus, the way the game is drawn (still isometric, but more airy) it is less likely to make you feel claustrophobic.

A fully packed shooting game

Machine hunter is a very good shooting game where you have to shoot the robots and take the control from them. Players can take the weapons of the defeated robots and take control of everything. This is two players game. It is not Shooting gallery type game. From the robots you can take control of the 9. There are several power and energy up options from where you can gain 100 energy. Also there is power up grading levels. In this game you will also fight against several Alien soldiers who are the most common enemies. Moreover there are several other enemies like the Grubs. These large enemies can destroy you by spreading the acid on you. So be careful while playing this game. It is a very good game with some very good graphics. The sound quality is also good. There are also a lot of gaming options and training modes. The dragon fly look alike flying aliens will try to destroy you. Also beware of the mutants while playing this game. Overall it is a decent shooting game. It is a 4 out of 5 rating game that you will like to play.

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