Project: I'm Going In

Action 2000 Windows Eidos Shooter First Person

Unusual but compelling actioner

Despite the rather light-hearted sounding name, this is actually a pretty serious tactical shooter that provides plenty of tense and exciting moments and which is only let down by a couple of flaws. In many ways its fairly similar to other FPSs like Half-Life and Goldeneye and has a plot that revolves around a stolen nuclear missile which must be recovered by the player's lone agent. However, the key difference in the gameplay is that this one is more heavily based around stealth, with players required to sneak their way through levels rather than blasting them. This makes the game appealing to fans of Metal Gear Solid and the like but does unfortunately reveal one of the game's biggest problems. If you are seen by a camera or enemies, they will swarm to your location which does then require some serious shooting on your behalf. However, if you die you are forced to restart the entire level as there are no mid-game saves. Given that some of the levels are quite substantial in their size, this does get frustrating quite often and does bring the enjoyment level down somewhat. Individual levels are quite well designed but do make use of many of the same elements, such as buildings and objects, so they will feel repetitive and this is another fairly substantial issue. However, if you can get past these problems, there is a lot to enjoy here. The game is certainly challenging, with minimal ammo and health to be found, while the levels are a nice mix of indoor and outdoor environments, and the switching between stealth and run 'n' gun action provides some variety, although the pace might be a little slow for some. The graphics are reasonable, if a little dated but if you are looking for something a little unusual in the FPS department, this is definitely worth a look.

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