Super EuroFighter 2000

Simulation 1995 Dos Ocean Flight Military

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Relatively accurate simulator of jet plane action

I would play this game anytime and compare it with the modern airplane flight simulators out there, as Super EuroFighter 2000 sure does a good job with the simulation bits as well as the graphical and design of the missions. Most of your missions will be dogfights though, which means that in order to have a standing chance against most of these attackers, you will have to really go for a joystick to make it all work. Graphically, you get a very neat representation of the world, without too much fuss. The use of particles is very sparse, but the view from above is relatively well made, so you will feel like you're there as much as you'd want to. Sure, while descending, flying too close to the ground the things change quite a bit, and the jaggedness goes into full tilt but you rarely have to or need to. Anyway, Super EuroFighter 2000 is a really well delivered experience, one that works pretty neatly and without issues. Give it a go or go for another nice simulator, Pacific Strike, which ups the ante by including realistic WWII recreations of missions (Pearl Harbor included as well).

Experience 90's gaming experience

Super Euro Fighter 2000 was brought to market on 1997. It gained huge popularity. It's a typical 90's game with full of actions. Experience a great cockpit experience in this game. This classic game reminds me games like Apache Longbow. Pick your own plane and finish the enemies from cockpit. It's a great game with some cool graphics and real time sound quality. You will watch moving objects like trains from your cockpit. Also the realistic moves, planes etc will give you a great gaming experience. Fly over the cities, cars, trains, tunnels and have a real time experience. Fly your plane packed up with a lot of missiles and bombs. There are a lot of missions and every missions have hours of entertainment. There are a lot of commands and lots of strategy you can have in this game. Fly over the clouds. Fight hours after hours and fly hours after hours. This game is full of excitements. I really enjoyed playing this game with my friends. If you are a fan of aircraft games then this is a perfect game for you.

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