Falcon 4.0

Simulation 1998 Windows Hasbro Interactive Flight Design Tool

Realistic simulation, great graphics

The best way to experience Falcon 4.0 is to look for the mods and the updates that the community has produced, over the years, for this game, and try to get a stable, updated version. Then, it's all smooth sailing, as the actual, vanilla game was a bit on the disappointing side, at least when it came to straightening things out. So, consider this a review of the updated version, of which I am quite pleased to say that I've been playing quite a bit as of late. It's one of the best flight sims in terms of the feel of the planes, the way they control and the way the physics are implemented. Also, graphically it looks great, pretty modern, not the highest quality graphics ever, but nonetheless, pretty well produced nevertheless. Also, what Falcon 4.0 does is to offer you diverse missions, so you don't get bored, missions that are also diverse and very well implemented. There are also the cool little touches, such as dynamic weather and cool sounds that furthermore add up to this game's appeal, so, yeah, all things considered, a pretty well done and diverse experience. Play it, along with Flight Simulator X and you'll really be amazed how good the (patched!) game can be.

Air supremacy

This combat flight simulator game, released in 1998., is the ultimate development of the Falcon game series, first published in 1984. The game is based around a realistic simulation of the Block 50/52 F-16 Falcon jet fighter in a full scale modern war set in the Korean Penninsula Since its release, it's had a bumpy ride only months later, it had numerous patches that fixes multiple bugs that affected the game. But, despite the bugs and the patches, Falcon 4.0 is one of the best air combat sims ever released. It's absolutely astonishing how much detail is put into the game which will make you feel like you are inside a real combat jet, and the visuals outside are just outstanding definitely the best visuals that you will see in a flight sim, considering how good visuals can get in the late 90's. When you get the hang of the weapons and systems, you will have a very real feel to the game. And today, you won't have to worry about hardware performance even the minimum equipped computers today will run the game just fine. If you are a fan of flight sim games and especially if you are already a Falcon fan, you will not be sorry if you buy the game. It's gonna blow your mind.

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