EGA Bomb

Arcade 1988 Dos Rad Delaroderie Futuristic

Obscure and basic artillery action

Now this is a curiosity, a lost game from the past that will have passed most gamers by and is almost certainly destined to be confined to obscurity for all time. And to be fair, given its simplicity and lack of original features, it doesn't really any real claim to being part of videogaming history and so is unlikely to be mourned or applauded by many. As is so often the case in games from this period, EGA Bomb, or Combat Artillery as it is also known, is incredibly simple and basically requires players to destroy their opponent's tank by blasting it from afar. The trick here is that you must take into account the trajectory and power of your shot before you unleash it in order to ensure its accuracy. In this sense, the game can be seen as a forerunner to Scorched Earth or even the Worms series, as these later games share much of the same basic ideas, but in a more developed fashion. EGA Bomb itself is undeniably crude, programmed as it was in Turbo Basic but retains a certain amount of charm, if not depth, due to this crudeness. However, it is very simple and is unlikely to entertain for long and players are better off spending time with the aforementioned games if they are in the mood for some artillery-based action.

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