RPG 2001 Windows Ben Bishop Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Entertaining dungeon crawler

Fantasy dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Dungeon Master have proved enduringly popular over the years, and while Egoboo may not be a classic example of the genre, it has clearly been developed with enough care and attention to warrant a closer look. The game features a charmingly odd storyline and heaps of hack 'n' slash adventuring to create an enjoyable and entertaining experience. In traditional fantasy style, the plot revolves around an evil villain with greater designs on the world and who has kidnapped the King in order to advance his nefarious scheme. It thus falls to a brave adventurer to delve deep into a series of dungeons in order to locate Dracolich and bring him to justice. What this basically boils down to is smacking the myriad monsters which inhabit these dungeons over the head with a series of ever more powerful weapons, and which the game is heavily focussed on. As usual in such games, a number of character classes are available, each with their own skills and weapons, with some able to use magic or being specialised in ranged or melee combat. There is an extensive range of weapons on display here, each with their own advantages and disadvantages against different monsters and which require some consideration in order to make best use of them. Despite its relative simplicity, Egoboo is pretty good fun and makes for an solid piece of dungeon crawling action. The graphics are basic but do the job well enough, while the main core of the gameplay, the combat, is appropriately chaotic and fun. It does get a bit repetitive, but these games generally do, and if you are after slice of indie adventuring, then this makes for a good, solid investment of your time.

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