RPG 2000 Windows Tim Baker Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

A classic roguelike, intense and absolutely amazing

Yeah, we all tend to credit Rogue as the ultimate roguelike, I mean the name of the genre per se is a hat tipping in his direction. But just as excellent as Rogue was, in its very primitive manner, we rarely consider it for plays, just because, well, it's too old and dusty with its ASCII graphics! But worry not, ZangbandTK, or rather the unadulterated original, offers just the same thrilling always novel experience, based on luck and on the whims of random generation as the older games were. But, it sure manages to create worlds that are a lot more diverse, simply because the game's logic is a very much different one. There is a background story to this roguelike, but then again, given the random generation of the actual playing portions you won't really care for it. Anyway, let's talk a bit about this updated version of the game, ZangbandTK, as it is a much expanded and cleaner version of the original. In fact, when you trace the game, make sure it is the newest version possible. The developers added a lot of new lines of code to the game, over the course of time, making later versions a lot more approachable, clean and also much more even gameplay wise, throughout. If you're a genuine roguelike gamer and would like to revisit the sheer simplicity that game roguelikes their signature feel, this will be an absolute pleasure to play.

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