Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor

RPG 1999 Windows 3DO Company Fantasy Myth and legend Dungeons and Dragons Role playing Fpp

One of the RPGs that is worth your time

Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor is a 1999 fantasy role-playing game, that comes with a new world (called Erathia), environment, options, but the action stays the same. The new options allow you to choose between the humans, elves, dwarves, and goblins, unlike the previous game, where you played only as a race. The inhabitans of Erathia are enjoying the peace and quiet, but not for too long. The humans and elves are conquering many lands, except an area that remained untouched, called Harmondale. You will eliminate intruders, go on quests, visiting the inhabitans, the town, and if you are bored, you can participate to play card games at your inn. If you win the ArcoMage game (this is how the card game is called), you will gain important rewards. Your actions will influence a lot the development of the story. The quests are important for you to achieve experience, money or artifacts, but some of them will be performed only if you want or choose to. On the other hand, there are quests that are mandatory to solve. In this game, the monsters are more powerful and intelligent, being able to attack from large distances. The graphics are detailed here and there, but nothing so special to praise. All in all, I can say that this game is fun, being one of those that succeeds to consummate your time, no matter if it's daytime or nighttime.

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