Export Pinball

Simulation Pinball

Pinball done well; old timey style!

Export Pinball is a cool, well done, satisfying pinball game, with a build that will remind you of the good old times of the pinball simulation era, the early 90s mainly. In terms of number of tables, this one has quite a handful. However, not all of them are available from the very beginning; you need to take some time, and unlock your tables, and once you've beaten the other tables, you will be able to sink into these other tables. Graphically, I can't say that there is any theme that is common to all of them; they are just diverse, well done, and pretty nondescript. Gameplay is however relatively fluent, which means that you will be able to hit the balls at the exact moment you want. There is no loss of detail in your shots due to the way the controls work, which is very important for games such as this one. Also, what you might want to consider, with a game such as this one, is the ladder of ascension that they have. In this respect the later tables are more interesting, with more table events, and cooler executed ideas. Another good game to download is also the great Epic Pinball shareware.

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