Full Tilt! Pinball

Simulation 1996 Windows Maxis Software Pinball

I'm a pinball wizard!

If there's one thing to be said for pinball games, such as Pinball Dreams, it's that they really only appeal to that one set of people who enjoy such things. While there are good and bad pinball games, even the best of them is never going to convert the non-believer, and Full Tilt! does nothing to change this. It's actually a pretty decent computer version of that venerable arcade staple, and if you are a fan, then this is a good one to add to your collection. You have three tables to choose from here, these being Dragon's Keep, Skullduggery and Space Cadet, so you have one with a fantasy theme, another based around pirates and the third being science fiction influenced. The boards all feature the usual array of bumpers, flippers and whatnots, and the goal remains the same as ever, which is simply to rack up as many points as possible before you gutter out. Each table has its own unique missions as well, like slaying the dragon or creating a black hole and it's these variations which help to make this a good pinball offering. Further assisting in this aspect is the pretty solid physics system, which is at the core of any good pinball game, and here everything works mostly as you would hope for. It could do with a couple of minor tweaks here and there, but for the most part, the physics is robust. The controls are fine too, although the default buttons might not be to everyone's taste, and the visuals and sound do a fine job of recreating the arcade feel that comes with pinball, making this a good choice for anyone who enjoys rattling little silver balls around.

You must have played it even if you don't know it!

One of the ways in which Full Tilt! Was distributed was with each and every copy of Win 95 companion pack but later on it would become the game included by default in the windows games that were included in every installation. This would be the case with Win 98 as well as Win Me and Win XP. So, if you've ever fiddled around other games other than Solitaire, it's almost certain that you've hit this game's bumpers at one point or another. The windows version however was more of a demo, since it only contained one single table the Space Cadet one. However, the full game contains 3 tables, all distinct and all with their very own unique style. One big advantage of this game is that it takes very little installation space, uses bi-dimensional tables that are very beautifully executed and the ball movements are very accurate and precise. Whether you play to beat a score or just do it to burn some time, the game will nonetheless be very enjoyable and will test your reflexes as well as your endurance. Furthermore, the game will entice you to keep on playing because each table has its secrets, its multipliers and even a "secret" surprise if you manage to get a high enough score. Thoroughly delightful and great for casual players as well as hardcore players.

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