Epic Pinball

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A shareware era pinball sim that is worth a go

Epic Pinball is quite the little beast of a digital pinball game, with loads of tables (though, only one available for free, unfortunately) and a graphical interface that is not half bad, quite on the contrary is quite a nice one. Also, a thing that I also love about the game is that it manages to create a rally nice parlor atmosphere, with cool arcade sounds and with a lot of different little details here and there. Yeah, ultimately it's not going to stick with you as a classic or anything, but, for what is worth, it sure will make you enjoy your time spent with it. Another thing that I love about the game is the fact that it gets the tilt mechanics right: while with some games you never know when you're pushing the machine too much, with Epic Pinball you are always visually reminded when you are going crazy with your tilting, so that, in the end, you won't really be able to go crazy with it. So, yeah, this is Epic Pinball, a great game, an experience worth having if you are into oldschool 2D pinball. Also of note, as it kind of shares the same colorful 2D style, see how you like Psycho Pinball, another great arcade pinball game.

A classic addition to Pinball series

Epic Pinball like any other Pinball game has some of the best features which are truly suited to it and make it a really fun and addictive. It really gives you a fun gameplay where the ball physics is quite amazing. The 12 table designs that they have incorporated in this one are truly unique and breathe taking and really urge you to play the game. Each level is more competitive than the other the variety of graphics in it are very unique and diverse. The color combination at each level is also very amazing. The ball control and the gameplay is quite the same as we see in other Pinball games but they have added a few tweaks here and there. The table view can be changed and adjusted to one's liking so that the gaming experience can be enhanced further. It is a multiplayer game so you can always have a competition with your buddy. One of the good alternate for this game in my opinion is Tristan Pinball.

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