Extreme Pinball

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Epic`s next pinball game, successor to Epic Pinball

Extreme Pinball is a relatively diverse, 2D pinball game, that is the direct successor to the Epic Mega Games title Epic Pinball, a nice and sturdy oldie pinball game. This one contains 4 different tables. One of the them, called Rock Fantasy, all about rocky landscapes, another one called Medieval Knights, which is a sort of medieval fantasy themed table and another pair, called Urban Chaos, and Monkey Mayhem. The Urban Chaos table is about a city that is full of danger, and the Monkey themed one is a jungle themed table with monkeys! Compared to the title it succeeds, Extreme Pinball is a much faster game, with better paddle control and a better feel to the gameplay, but it's by no means a complete departure from the older title. It's best described as a step forward, but not a total revolution. But, for all intents and purposes it is a fun, playable title, worth looking into if you like pinball game, and if you want a retro pinball game that is advanced enough to feel pretty modern, without being 3D.

Pinball game with awesome music

A decent DOS Pinball game that has good themed tables. It may not stand up to some of the newer pinball games, but it still has good themes for the tables and it is impressive graphics for the games 1995 release. The soundtrack music is great but can get a bit irritating, but never the less the music is impressive for a video game of it's era. The camera follows the pinball around the table relatively smoothly unlike many other pinball games from the era which are known for bad camera movements on the pinball table. The great thing about the game is the feel of the artwork used in the layout of the pinball machines which is visually nice to look at and is always colorful and never dreary in color like many other DOS games. The game may have issues running on modern day machines but will run in a MS-DOS Box simulator. The pinball game's physics actually run relatively smoothly but it does feel a little glitchy, but still it is a very enjoyable pinball game. The objective of this game is to get a high score, so be sure to get all the bonuses and multipliers that are hidden on the table.

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