Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Ocean Platformer Arcade style

A cool fantasy platformer

A great way to get youngsters hooked on fantasy early on. This arcade jump 'n run game will be a treat for kids and grownups alike, and it won't take more than a few minutes for the game to get under your skin. The gameplay is pretty typical for this kind of game - you have a gun which you use to take care of you enemies, a lot of ladders on which you go up and down, you pick items and try to get a as high score as possible. The enemies vary from bugs to bees to little spiders and so on. The game's character is very cute and lovable and kind of reminds me of Harry from Halloween Harry. Even though the game is made in distant 1991, the graphics are very clear and very detailed, with bright and rich colors. The level designs are originally designed and well thought out, making the gaming experience truly exciting and wonderful. If you're into fantasy and don't want to play a hard and complicated game but relax a bit while having fun, grab this game, you can't go wrong.

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