Blues Brothers

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Platformer Arcade style

Undemanding but enjoyable platform fun

It might seem an unlikely choice for a videogame adaptation, but this platformer is based on the famous movie from the 80s which featured a cool blues soundtrack. Unusually for a licensed game from this period, Blues Brothers isn't dire (check out Home Alone is you want to see something really bad) and actually offers plenty of frenetic platform action that is backed up by music tracks from the movie. The game isn't really based on the film, instead offering up a storyline where the Brothers must evade the police in order to reach a concert on time. This takes the form of fairly standard platform action where, as either of the brothers, you must dodge, run and jump your way through six levels, collecting records and occasionally throwing crates at your enemies. Throw into the mix a few other activities like gliding on an umbrella or taking to the skies in a balloon and you have the makings of what is an undemanding but enjoyable little game. There is nothing spectacularly original on display here, but what is present is well executed, with fast-paced and exciting gameplay and a fair degree of challenge. The graphics too are pleasing, with colourful environments and characters and some smooth scrolling. While certainly no classic, this a fun diversion for fans of Super Mario Bros or Sonic.

Jake and Elwood on the run again!

Blues Brothers is a fun platform game based on the famous 80's band Blues Brothers, widely known for their black suits and hats and love for the blues music... andd the fact that they're always running from the law. In this game you control Jake or Elwood though the levels, picking up gramophone records instead of coins and mostly avoding everythinh in your way. If somehow you can't avoid them, you can use boxes that are set before you to throw them at the little people in shopping carts or police officers that are in your way. The main objective is to avoid the police and get to a blues concert and the sixth and last level ends on stage. The game is pretty dynamic and well made for a early nineties game. The music in the game is composed of the music from the Blues Brothers film (just like in the Simpsons game.) This game is great for all Blues Brothers fans as well as good platform games. You will not be dissapointed.

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