Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Bluesky Platformer Arcade style

Poorly executed arcade platformer with lots of minigames

Arachnophobia could have been an interesting collection of platformer levels, held tighter by the driving through the city portions that it also includes. However, Arachnophobia doesn't find the proper balance and doesn't really polish any of those gameplay portions. The controls as well as the animations are stiff and bland, when not broken or un-suggestive. Therefore, you will find that it is quite hard to sink in any of the portions of the game, and that none of them manage to keep you sufficiently engaged, though the backstory, simple and wacky as it is, could have been interesting. The graphics for the interior levels, the homes infested with arachnids, look almost alike, while the spiders themselves are animated very crudely. So, after 5 minutes total of play through time you'll find yourself bored and absolutely appalled by this game's offerings. So, ultimately, this one's a game to avoid at all costs. It's a disappointment because it sure could have been at least more playable with a bare minimum of alterations and with the least amount of work.

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