Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Platformer Arcade style

Arcade sidescrolling shooter set as a prison escape

The story and the background of this pleasant and yet not that original sidescroller shooter is that you have to escape from a prison in Alcatraz, but, while in real life you'd just have to be canny and stealthy (while incredibly lucky and resourceful) here you can get away by coming to use an impressive arsenal of grenades, pistols guns and other such weapons. Yap, this is a game that is pure arcade, doesn't care that prisons would have to be the world's no. 1 suppliers of weapons, given the amount of fire power you'll wield, and the personnel, oh, the personnel would really have to be much better paid, so much more dedicated to their job to just keep coming at you, after you decimate wave after wave of bad guys in your wake! The 2D graphics work for the title, are maybe a little gritty, with dark grey tones and with rather grim inscriptions, but I guess prisons are no place for rainbow loving types! But otherwise, while the levels are none too smart or original, they do a good job at giving you the space to go berserk. So it sure is worth a go at the end of the day, but in the same way Duke Nukem 3 is, offering you quantity over quality, and never pausing to question its ways or trying to be smarter. But it can be addictive, that's for sure!

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