Elvira 2

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Accolade Mystery Horror

Elvira 2, The sequel is fiercer and much more expansive

The first Elvira RPG was moderately scary and featured a campaign which did keep the player busy for a while. With Elvira 2, the name of the game is bigger scares, more foes, a much larger underground area where you can more easily get lost. The game puts you in the shoes of Elvira's boyfriend, tasked with the unfortunate quest of getting Elvira back from her captor, Cerberus. The interesting premise of the game is that the action takes place on the plateaus of movies. Generally, the props and decor remind of scary and horror movies and the fact that some of the items are animated when you walk by further increases the tension of playing the game. You will effectively be playing from a first person perspective, but the world around will not be rendered in real 3D. Instead you will basically be scrolling through a maze of pre-rendered still frames onto which animations are produced with the help of sprites. You will have to fight at times or try to find alternative routes through certain areas, while also picking up important clues and helpful items to further your quest. Make sure you book an entire weekend for this one, as the game is really long.

The horror action adventure

The horror action adventure. I remember playing it in some 1997 on Atari ST and its still the best gamming experience I ever had. Ever, no kidding. It is quite impossible to finish it without a spoiler, and playing with walktrough still took me some 3 months, but what Elvira offers in 4 megabytes is just impossible. Beautiful painted graphic, some very nice ingame animations, and mainly the gameplay, atmosphere, the story that takes you in and just wont let you out.. and the game is SO HUGE.. 3 films studios, the hounted house, the catacombs with undead. Some moments I just remember as it was yesterday- fighting giant spider in catacombs, awakening the frankenstein monster by lightning, being captured in closet full of human limbs.. And the way spells are handled- you need some basic, like paper for fireball, then you prepare the spell and cast it for mana.. easy and precise. Give this game a chance and you just wont stop. Best game ever !

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