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Worst game ever?

The original Psycho movie is regarded as a classic suspense experience and which spawned numerous sequels, so the idea of a videogame adaptation is certainly intriguing. Unfortunately however, this is pretty much a disaster from start to finish but might prove hilariously entertaining for those who enjoy awful games. The game is a text- and graphics-based adventure that is loosely based on the movie, and which sees a detective investigating the sinister Bates Motel in search of some stolen jewels. It takes the traditional approach to the genre and requires players to explore the motel, search for clues, solve a few puzzles and dealing with the enemies that crop up every now and then. Control is via the keyboard, with shortcut keys available for various actions like using or taking items, reading or opening but unfortunately for the game, the system is as bad as everything else on display here. Your character moves so incredibly slowly that it takes forever just to cross a room and he is so poorly animated that he looks like a shuffling monkey. The writing, a key part of any adventure, is also badly written and clunky, with clues that are just pointless and descriptions which are about as obvious as it is possible to be. The enemies that appear are just bizarre, with their ability to put you to sleep simply baffling in their oddity. Really, there is no reason to play this game at all other than to see its staggering ineptitude for yourself. If however, you just want to play a good game, then pretty much anything is better than this horror show.

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