Daughter of Serpents

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Eldritch Games Mystery Horror

Egypt is a dangerous place to be right now..

Welcome to a game of mysteries, intrigue, danger and supernatural elements. Daughter of Serpents is a horror adventure game (from the creators of The Hound of Shadow), that has an incredibly creepy and exotic atmosphere filled with mystery, a fantastic plot and mediocre gameplay. The plot is very intriguing - you are a man that is on business to Alexandria, Egypt, and by some chance get caught up with a cult that deals with mysterious and otherworldly forces. The game is a graphic adventure game that has some serious elements of RPG - before you start, you have to create your character, assign its sex, occupation and other qualities. The benefits of that are multiple endings that vary according to your character design, which gives you a great replay value. The game has some flaws, though. Firstly, the game is much too short. Secondly, the puzzles are - least to say - rare, which is not something desired in an adventure game. The details of the game mixed with the great plot are least to say interesting, and that might encourage you to play it despite the flaws that are mentioned. If the game included a bit more puzzles and a longer gameplay, it would be near to perfect. Still, if you like old school horror adventure games, you are in for a pretty good time.

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