Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Accolade Graphical IF Tales and legends Role playing

Get ready for fear!

This is the first in a number of licensed games featuring well known horror queen, Elvira, and which also includes Elvira 2 and Elvira Arcade Game. This one is probably the best use of the character and is actually quite a fun little horror romp that is worth a little play time. The delightfully bonkers plot finds Elvira out to regain her lost power, which has been stolen by an ancient sorceress, and once it's returned, she aims to restore her castle to its former glory. In terms of the gameplay, this is a first person and text adventure, similar to early RPGs like Dungeon Master, albeit with not quite so much depth. As Elvira's chosen lackey, it's your job to explore the various parts of her castle while battling against the numerous demons and other foul beasties that have overrun it. The interface makes use of text adventure-style commands for certain actions, like examining objects and unlocking doors, while combat itself plays out in real time, and requires you to time your attacks and defense carefully. Elvira certainly isn't a must play, but if you're into campy horror, then you could do far worse than check it out. The storyline is surprisingly engaging, while the whole thing is brought quite vividly to life through some detailed and appropriately creepy design work, with the sound adding greatly to the overall feel. The mix of exploration, puzzle solving and combat gives things a nice sense of variety and are all implemented well enough, and combine to make this a slight but enjoyable adventure.

A great mix to two genres

This game offers you a great mix of two exciting genres which have been synchronized very effectively to provide you with a unique gaming experience. It involves a horror RPG from a first person perspective and has been mixed with click and point adventure. It's very much like the mix of RTS and RPG elements which can be seen in Sacrifice. Elvira aims to restore the lost glory of her castle and wants to make it a very good horror adventure spot for tourists. But she has lost her power due to her evil ancestor which is a sorceress queen. So you have the objective to help her reclaim her powers so that she can bring peace and glory to the castle. The graphics are quite alluring and truly suited the settings of a horror adventure sequence mixed with some real time elements. The guide in the game is in the form of dialogues though it would have been better if they would have used voice narrations. The controls are fairly average and the gameplay is also on an average scale which makes this game a good overall average fun game with a few surprises. So it's a good enough recommendation.

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