ESPN Extreme Games

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Extreme sports minigames galore!

Here's a take on extreme sports, skating, mountain biking, skateboarding, street luge and a few others, produced to meet the demands of those that love minigames and that don't really want to get caught in the intricacies of simulation. Those player's expectations are met quite nicely, as the games are as arcade as they could get. All games are easily controlled, are stripped of their intricacies and minutiae, but are interestingly produced nonetheless, challenging you both in terms of you reaction and responses, as well as in terms of your keyboard proficiency, at least some of them. So, ultimately, what you get with this bundle is a pretty well done selection of minigames, like I said, pretty formulaic, but not unfun. Graphically, it's all about 3D done well, looking alright, not to detailed but neither jaggedly or without some detail. I, to be frank, without being some great fan of minigame bundles, found the bundle neat enough to actually recommend, granted, if you love minigames like Games: Summer edition but look for the extreme 3D version of these!

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