3D Table Sports

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Foosball, Air Hockey and Power Hoops

Hmm, to be quite fair I'd have liked to see more such games; you know the Air Hockey and variations kind of games, the tabletop sort of Pong taken from the tables and from the arcades and brought back into digital format. But, yeah, this is a pretty decent combo of the three air and table kind, the classic Foosball, where you have to push levers form the side to put the ball into the other player's net and, also, air hockey as well as power hoops, a game that is not a regular of arcades but that has a very cool vibe to it as well. So, all things considered, all of these titles are pretty cool, pretty well produced and pretty enticing; The game uses a faux 3D set of graphics for each one, and will also keep your scores. It's not the best AI you've ever played against, but it does put a bit of a fight, and also, I'm pretty sure you're not going to want to play it a lot either. And if that is what you wanted, a sturdy bundle with all of these three games, than you'll be disappointed. For those people I'd say, see Microsoft Arcade, much better suited as an arcade games long time companion.

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