Panda Dodgeball

Sport 1993 Dos Panda Entertainment Humorous Unconventional Street sports

Dodgeball with... pandas!

If you thought pandas were lazy and not that much into physical activities, well, guess again! This game paints them as really fast, really accurate dodgeball freaks and well, they stand up to the challenge! The graphical style of the game is a cartoony one, pretty cool, and pretty well rounded, not extremely toiled over, but, well, it's just 2D pandas, there's not much you can expect from that recipe. But, here's the deal, the game works, is fun and is a really well done one, which, after all, is what you should be looking for out of such a game. Gameplay wise, well, it could only have worked if it was an arcade game, and that's what it is. So, yeah, you'll enjoy it, probably be amused at the moves of the pandas at times, but after a while the novelty wears. So, yeah, it's not the most long lived game out there, but its lots of fun while it lasts. And it will sure last for a few games. So yeah, it's a fun game, similar to, say, Super Dodgeball, if not as serious but overall, a cool sports game that doesn't take itself too seriously!

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