Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Science Fiction

Lost in space and under attack! A nice space interactive novel

Essex is a very well written, very edge of your seat kind of Sci Fi, space opera-ish production. The story involves a ship lost in space, which, also, has the misfortune of being attacked by that universe's greatest alien warriors, the Vollchons. These aliens are all about annihilation, and so, your journey and your choices will be cut-throat level, live or die most of the time. However, the interactive production wasn't content to just offer you the regular for the genre points of intersection, where you could choose to go this or that way. Nope, they introduced, also, and to my unpleasant surprise, a number of abysmal puzzles, the kind that feel anything but interesting or that add to it. Nope, they're crude, unappealing and will generally get in the way, making you lose your want to play/ see the next chapter of the saga. Thus, unashamedly, see a walkthrough, unless you care for puzzles that are delivered (and interact with) abysmally. Else, the IF has enough twists and bends to keep you interested, has a premise that may still elicit interest even today and is aided by nice static images. And, a good alternative could be one of the Star Trek Adventures, if you want more meaningful and better produced puzzles and that space opera feel of the Star Trek series.

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