Adventure 1986 Dos Broderbund Science Fiction

A prophecy foretells of a wicked future.. will you allow it?!

Breakers is played as an interactive novel, but it also features good and well crafted graphical additions. The story is a mix of thriller and the sort of action you can expect in IFs, and, for its genre, it is pretty good. In fact, I can tell you that if the genre has appeal for you, you will be hooked to this one too, in a very good, nice manner. As such, Breakers is a well produced game, with lots of twists and lots of outcomes to experience. Your choices are rather more meaningful than is many other such games, and the game can end in different stances and in different ways. The graphical additions, while not vital to gameplay, do a good job at creating an atmosphere. And, good enough, they do so without feelind too dated, though, still, some of the art style might be a little to 80-ish cartoony/goofy, even if the story is much more serious. But, then again, that won't impede your fun, so you can be sure to get a lot from this one if you like IFs. And a good alternative, as always, is the Sci Fi heavy Supernova, a good download, by all means

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