Leather Goddesses of Phobos

Adventure 1986 Dos Infocom Futuristic Text based

A classic text-adventure

Leather Goddesses of Phobos is a fiction game published in 1986 by the independent company Infocom, whose interactive productions represented one of the most inventive titles at that time. Don't forget, a part 2 of this text-adventure game exists! I am addressing to those who liked very much the old projects released by Infocom at that ever-growing era. You will surely get fond of the characters, especially the women, and you will definitely appreciate the cartoony graphics. Because of the mature content, the players have to choose between the "Lewd" mode (contains explicit content), the "Tame" mode (contains an innocent language) and the "Suggestive" one. The story is about the abduction of your character by the Leather Goddesses of Phobos. These female villains plan to enslave the Earth, and you have to stop them. The gameplay implies solving clever puzzles based on wordplay and coded informations. The game lets you choose the gender of your player, with an interesting scene: you have an urgent need to use the bathroom and the door you choose to enter will mark your gender for the rest of the action. A very important detail I have to mention is that games like this inspired the modern ones, and that's why we should value old school computer games, even if they have some flaws.

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