Adventure 1985 Dos Activision Science Fiction Strategic scope

Hacker is an espionage/computer hacking adventure

He he, Activision Blizzard can now sit and count their money for their rest of their lives, but in 1985 they had been hard at work on a very compelling and weirdly enough innovative (sic!) series called Hacker. The game, while basically a text based adventure is a really intricate piece of a game for its period. While today hacking games are more common and they offer you pseudo hacking like interfaces and tooling, in 1985 the technology was less evolved. However, what a game could deliver was a good deal of story, puzzles and also brain teasingly hard scenarios. Expect to be hidden behind a prompt at all times and to be treated with a black screen with the occasional pictures offered to you. Also, expect the bombast of cool sounding words, such as they were perceived in the mid 1980s. At any rate, if you're into text based adventures, the premise of this one game is really interesting so you might want to give it a try but make sure you have a walkthrough with you to avoid frustration.

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