European Air War

Simulation 1998 Windows Infogrames Flight Historical

Best flight simultion

It is one of the best flight simulations that I have played because it is pure diversity and pure accuracy. You have around 20 aircrafts which have been marked accurately and belong to the history of different wars. These airplanes have been modeled perfectly and the flight dynamics that they have are very realistic and fun to play with. Talking about the flight dynamics, you have a lot of options to use and adjust the flight dynamics such as torque, wind speed and the stalls etc. The historical features of the planes have been marked accurately and when you go for some carrier, you will be using the same units that were used on those specific historic missions. The game is also very diverse in terms of the action because the missions are very detailed. You can launch massive attacks on the enemy basis, ships, warhead carrier trains, cannons and a lot more. You will also get some footages from the World War 2 which will really take you back into history. The whole set up of the game is fascinating and the action is really absorbing. I would recommend this game to anyone any day as it is simply great.

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