Wings of Glory

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight Historical

Exciting and competitive simulation game

There are many traits that this simulation game has in store for those who like a tough and competitive gameplay with realistic features. The storyline of the game is good enough and you have a wide variety of missions to accomplish with your fighter plane. Gameplay is also smooth and the controls are easy if you go with a joystick rather than the keyboard. Well it's not tough to find a joystick these days. Chewing on the time of release of this game, the graphics are great and the characters are well drawn. One thing which many might like and others might not is that the game is a bit tough which is due to the realistic features and gameplay that it has. You will have to face being made to hit the ground many times but you will master the art of succeeding as you play with patience. As you advance on in stages and accomplish various missions, you will be awarded with honors and medals which really feels great after all the hard work. So it's definitely worthy of a shot. If you want to go for an alternative to this one, then I guess Wings might please you big time.

Fantastic, authentic experience!

WoG isn't a game you play without frustration: It's unforgiving and really hard to play - especially if you don't use a joystick . Its dogfights are extremely challenging and sometimes, a mission seems unbeatable. However, there is much this game has to offer other sims don't have: many remarkable and well designed characters, a really good storyline with clever twists and surprises and a lot of different missions. If you survive long enough, you will earn medals and honors and it's a really cool feeling, to read your name on the chalkboard with the most shoots. A really motivating and fascinating experience - if you don't mind to get shot down many, many times.

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