Evil Core

Action 1998 Windows ABTS Intelligent Group Shooter First Person

Superbly original sci-fi adventure

Sci-fi fans in need of a fix should definitely check out this ambitious and bold shooter that boasts an intriguing storyline, slick visuals and enough hi-octane action to satisfy even the most hardened blasting junkie. The game is set in the distant future on a far-flung planet that is known for its beautiful skies and vast underground passages and which has been populated by humans as part of a great expansion. They have now divided into three distinct cultures, each with their own traits and problems and interests including genetic engineering, chemical weapons development, nuclear power and civil war. The player is thrown into this complex backdrop just as a series of mysterious attacks are launched on the innocent people of the planet. It's your job to scout out the land and find out who or what is behind these unprompted killings. What this translates into is a 3D shooter that sees you piloting a hi-tech fighter, exploring the planet, completing missions and unravelling the conspiracy. However, there is more to the game than mere blasting and it plays out like a mix of Elite, Descent and Wing Commander, with objectives, trading, upgrades, character interaction and a whole lot more to enjoy. The game's visuals are equally striking and create a strong and believably alien world, while the story is compelling and imaginative. Evil Core is not without its faults, but these are minor when considered alongside its strengths. It is highly original and mixes together several genres to great effect, a far from easy task, while it also presents a significant challenge. If you have any interest in sci-fi, shooters or just enjoy great games, then you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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