Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon

Action 1998 Windows 3D Realms Shooter First Person

Ninjas are cool

The original Shadow Warrior was a pretty cool twist on the first person shooter genre that was typified at the time by Doom and Duke Nukem. Instead of the usual fantasy or science fiction themed action, it instead starred a ninja who was just as politically incorrect as old Duke, and whose adventures were just as blood soaked, frenetic and laced with dark, immature humor. Most of the game focused on bloody combat and exploration, with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure, with some typically OTT weapons available to up the adrenaline. Twin Dragon is the first of two authorized add-on packs for the base game (the second being Wanton Destruction) which were actually cancelled before their official release but which were later made available as freeware. This one contains an all new single player campaign, with 13 levels plus a few extras, with the main story seeing our hero facing off against his evil twin brother. Gameplay remains pretty much exactly the same as the original, so don't expect anything radically different here. What you do have though is a fairly fun mix of action and adventure, with combat that comes at you fast and furious and which proves to be quite exciting in that old-school way. The graphics are quite charming with its retro look, and it all moves along at a fair old lick, while the level design is quite inventive. Twin Dragon is certainly not a sophisticated game but it is quite a bit of fun, so if you are looking for some mindless entertainment and aren't easily offended, go for it.

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