Duke Xtreme

Action 1997 Windows WizardWorks Shooter First Person

Great add-on pack for an industry legend

The name Duke Nukem should need no introduction to serious gamers, with the hardcore exploits of the wisecracking, alien-blasting action hero standing alongside the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein as industry legends. This is actually an add-on for one of the most popular games in the franchise, Duke Nukem 3D, but which can also be used with the Plutonium Pack and the Atomic Edition. It's basically a collection of content from various sources which is now handily brought into one place and provides plenty of interest for fans. Among the many treats on display here are a bunch of user-made maps (around 50) and some seriously cool, bonkers and fun weapons that can be sued to replace the standard ones. This includes the fairly ordinary likes of the knife and the silenced pistol as well as the more imaginative statue maker (which does exactly what it says on the tin) and the Roman candle launcher (have some fun working out what that one does). You also have a couple of new enemy types, the King Cobra and the Gorilla Captain and who both provide players with plenty of entertainment. If that wasn't enough, there are also some hacks and mods with which you can tweak the game's settings to suit your preferences, including altering health levels, weapon strength and gore levels. If you are a follower of Duke Nukem and are looking to extend the game's lifespan somewhat then this is great little pack to check out. There's a lot of content here and while the maps vary in quality somewhat, most of what's on display is pretty decent so do yourself a favour and take a look.

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