EVO: Search for Eden

RPG 1993 Dos Enix Action based


EVO: Search for Eden is a 1992 action role-playing game with a third-person perspective. The first thing that will capture your glimpse and interest is the fascinating world that welcomes you. You will control an entity from prehistoric times, that ruled the Earth billions of years before mankind appeared. Throughout the game's progress, you will be able to develop yourself with the achieved evolution points. You can change and improve your body parts (jaws, neck, body, etc.) , and also your skills concerning the launched attacks upon your enemies. The upgraded defensive system will help you walk safely on the planet and to defeat successfully other animals for dominance. Eating preys will turn you into a bigger and more powerful creature. Certain changes in the storyline and gameplay will influence your development and way of evolution, so this means that the linear aspect will not be quite dominant. The graphics are absolutely amazing, as I said from the beginning of the review, being very realistic. The realistic aspect is created mostly by the numerous and various effects of the mysterious land the where the action takes place. The sounds portray very well the prehistoric setting, and the general atmosphere will create a strong relationship between the presented world and the gamer's imagination and perception. Play it, you will love it!

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