Explora 2

Adventure 1992 Dos UBI Soft Education Historical

Time travel adventure; find out what happened to your father

In Explora 2 you go back in time, with your main goal being that of finding out who killed your father, and maybe, manage to intervene so that this would not happen. But of course, this is pretty hard to get it done, as the game is full of puzzles, classic point and click ones as well as some choices that will impact the story. So, buckle up, as you're going to travel the past like it's nobody's business! The game looks alright; with that classic oldschool set of 2D cut outs that were initially designed in 3D. You don't have, thankfully, that very loaded set of interaction buttons. Instead you get a much better, much better suited set of classic pointers that get changed depending on where you are pointing them. In terms of style, the game alternates between different versions of cartoony looking locales. Your goal, as you land in a time period is to locate some radioactive metals. These metals are the fuel you are going to use, and the more radioactive they are, the more you'll be able to travel in time. Cool, and if you like it, look into Explora 3 as it takes teh story even further. Adventure gamers will love them both.

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