Explora 3

Adventure 1993 Dos UBI Soft Point and click

Slow-paced and overly challenging mystery

Followers of the Chrono Quest games might be interested in this, as it is the third and final instalment of the series of point-and-click adventures, with Explora being the original title used outside of English-speaking markets. This one continues the time-travelling mystery antics of the previous games and finds players taking on the role of a writer who must unravel a conspiracy that links you to a murder which you have no involvement in. This basically involves the usual genre standard of making use of a simple interface system to explore a variety of environments, collecting items and solving puzzles in an effort to clear your name. The game also throws in the element of time to add to the challenge, requiring players to be in the right place at the right time for certain actions. However, while this is quite an interesting inclusion, it unfortunately highlights one of the game's key flaws, which is its rather high difficulty level. If the player fails to be in the right place and the designated time, through no fault of their own, the game essentially proves unwinnable, which obviously proves quite frustrating and which is further enhanced by the frequent and unfair ways in which you can die. However, if you can put with this steep challenge, then there is some enjoyment to be had here. The storyline is quite engaging and should appeal to fans of Broken Sword with its conspiracy-laden antics, although the graphics are fairly dull if well detailed. The game might be a little slow-paced and lacking in action for some, but if you're after a more thoughtful retro experience, this is worth a short investigation.

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