Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise

Adventure 1992 Dos Humongous Entertainment Third Person Education Casual Adventure other

Fun for children only

It is a fun adventure game for the kids and has a good setting in terms of the plot. The plot in the game is that it is Kayla's birthday and your role in the game as fatty bears is to arrange a wonderful party for the celebration of the birthday. The game involves some role playing elements because you will have to gather a lot of ingredients for making delicious cake. There is wide variety of other things that you need to perform in the game and this includes finding the missing letter for the happy birthday song that will be played at the party. You also need to fabricate the party with balloons buy blowing them. The game also involves some piano mini games which are really melodious. It has been actually designed for children and is not an alluring prospect for the elder ones. The graphics are full of colors are very catchy and fantasy like. The controls in the game have been integrated with a lot of perfection. It is the user interface which you will love because it gives you a complete control over all the aspects that are involved and makes the game easy for the children. Another fun game which is both for children and the elders is Explora 2.

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